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Volunteer Opportunities

We appreciate and welcome volunteers!
If you would like to volunteer at our school or in your child's classroom, FUESD requires the following forms to be completed and a current TB test clearance to be on file.  TB test dates are good for 4 years.  Please stop by the school office to return these forms and TB test to the school secretary.  Thank you again for wanting to volunteer at our school and to make a difference!
Volunteer Reminders

• You need to sign the attached Volunteer Code of Conduct
form if you are going to be a regular volunteer.
• Always have your ID available.
• You need to volunteer in the classroom or classroom(s) you are
assigned to.
• Ask questions if you do not feel confident in operating the
machinery available to you on campus.
• Wear appropriate clothing when working with children.
• Please do not bring younger siblings while you are volunteering
in the classroom.
• Be professional and confidential in your conversations. Items
you may overhear are to remain confidential.
• Allow staff members and teachers to correct students, except
in life-threatening or emergency situations.
• Always have another adult in the room with you when working
with students.
• Use positive and professional language when referring to
school, staff, or other families.
• Always act in the best interest of all students.

Please remember our 7 Habits

o Be Proactive
o Begin with the End in Mind
o Put FirstThings First
o Think Win-Win
o Seek First To Listen, Then to Be Understood
Sharpen the Saw