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Live Oak Clubs & Activities

▪​ ​Art​ ​Club
o Advisor: Ms. Smith

▪Office​ ​Greeter​ ​Leaders
o Advisor:​ ​Dr. Kerr and Ms. Clark

▪Recycling​ ​and​ ​Campus​ ​Beautification​ ​Club
o Advisors: Ms. Yerkes and Mr. Jose

▪STEM​ ​Club
o Advisor: Ms. Noetzel and STEM Corps Team

▪Tech​ ​Trouble-Shooting​ ​Team​ ​(Gr.​ ​4-6)
o Advisor: Ms. Noetzel

▪Garden​ ​Club
o Advisors: Mrs. Copple & Mrs. Lopez

o Advisors:​ ​Mr. Stillman and Ms. Andersen

▪Reader​ ​Leaders
o Advisor: Ms. Anderson

▪​ ​GATE
o Advisor: Ms. Noetzel (teachers, Brown, Smith)

▪Sign​ ​Language​ ​Club
o Advisor: Ms. Noetzel

▪Kindness​ ​Club:
o Advisor: Ms. Coates

▪Mandarin​ ​Chinese​ ​Club
o Advisor: Ms. Zhang

Friday​ ​“Shout​ ​Outs”​ ​Club
o Advisors:​ ​Ms. brown 6th gr, Miura and Ms. Drew (tickets)

▪Show​ ​Choir
o Ms. Powell and Dr. Kerr

Yearbook​ ​Club
o Advisors:​ ​NEED!!!

▪Healthy​ ​Leader​ ​Club:
o Advisors:​ ​Mr. Barajas and Ms. Brown (Student Lighthouse Team)

▪Student​ ​Lighthouse​ ​Team

▪ Upper Grades: Ms. Metcalf & Mrs. Moore

Young Falcons: Mrs. Crowell